How to Raise a Litter of Puppies

Teaching pup to lapTeaching pup to lap

Tube feedingTube feeding

Breakfast time!Breakfast time!

Puppy sucklingPuppy suckling

Pup being bornPup being born

Mother with pupsMother with pups

Mother sealing cordMother sealing cord

Mother feeding litterMother feeding litter

Mother cleaning new born puppyMother cleaning new born puppy



Bottle feedingBottle feeding

Praised by the veterinary profession, this DVD commences three days before the bitch is due, and follows the whelping of a litter of ten puppies and their consequent rearing until point of sale.


How to Raise a Litter of Puppies covers the entire period from just before the whelping until the point of sale of the puppies.  This video emphasises normality including:

  • All preparations necessary for whelping
  • The actual birth of the puppies and visit to the Vet
  • Supplementary feeding with both tube and bottle
  • Weaning
  • The care of the nursing mother.
  • Signs of trouble and when to call the Vet

Of particular interest to those beginning serious dog breeding, this video has been applauded by Veterinary Surgeons and experienced breeders of all breeds.

All pictures on this page appear in the actual footage of 'How to Raise a Litter of Puppies'.

Running time: 2 hours 43 minutes


This DVD cover the following topics:


  • Setting up the whelping box and room
  • Taking the bitch's temperature
  • The bitch's discharge
  • Digging holes in the garden

The Whelping

  • The birth of 10 puppies
  • At the Vet's
  • First week
  • Organising the litter
  • Tube feeding
  • Bottle Feeding

First Weeks

  • One week old
  • Worming
  • Two weeks old


  • Three weeks old

Early Training

  • Four weeks old
  • Acclimatization
  • Over 5 weeks old
  • Worming again

Going to New Home

Customer Comments

This video... takes in the entire situation form the preparation of the area to be used - the actual births - after whelping injections at the local veterinarian, rearing of the litter and care of the mother, weaning and eventual sale of the puppies. I thoroughly recommend this production to all owners of bitches about to begin their breeding activities.

Mrs Y Sydenham-Clarke, 'Kalina' - the oldest active Samoyed kennel in the world, Ringwood Victoria, Australia

We had our first litter which wasn't planned in the fall of 2004. All were fine, thanks to all the wonderful information I received from your DVDs. We have Yorkies. Very small, but thanks to your excellent advice we had no problems.... We love our Yorkies and I am convinced that if we didn't have the DVD's we wouldn't have done as well. Thanks again!

Linda Lady, Dover, Pennsylvania, USA

Mrs Harvey's enthusiasm and knowledge should be an inspiration to all breeders, whatever their level of experience.

Roberta Vesley, former American Kennel Club Library Director New York, USA.

Congratulations on your video. I found it to be very informative and entertaining.

Kim Lethbridge, West Moonah, Tasmania, Australia

It's so fine that you are so ready to give about your knowledge and experience to us.

Anneli Siekkinen, Nummela, Finland

Your video on raising a litter of puppies was immensely beneficial and I recommend it to whoever is starting out.

Khalida Cain, Littleton, Colorado, USA

It's hard to believe but 3 weeks ago today it was all action stations and truly Jane my heart felt thanks for making the (whelping) day a delight and wonder for me, my son and husband.

Vena Cubitt, Springwood, NSW, Australia

You have obviously put many hours into developing clear and simple videos for the serious dog breeder.

R Dawson, Manila, Philippines

...the best and most helpful DVD that any aspiring Breeder of dogs could have in their reference library.

Greta Willenburg, Moe, Victoria

Thankyou again for your very prompt service, and for your obvious care and love of dogs and those involved in our sport.

Meryl Davison, Karana Downs, Qld, Australia

I have been watching your tapes over and over... they are excellent and have given me a lot more confidence.

Anita Johnson, West Kilbride, Scotland

I have only recently become serious about breeding show dogs and your videos are invaluable to the beginner.

Ken Johnson, Heathcote NSW, Australia

Thank you again for your priceless lucky am I to have stumbled across your DVDs on the internet.

Judy Wright, Houston, Texas USA

Your videos give an insight into mating and whelping that a novice such as myself would not normally get an opportunity to see.

Ann McPhee, Epping NSW, Australia

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to view your video 'HOW TO RAISE A LITTER OF PUPPIES' You are truly to be congratulated - your patience and dedication is simply outstanding'

Elizabeth Vergona, South Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia

The video was an excellent training video for me and I knew exactly what to expect with delivery etc.. I can't describe how elated I was to deliver 'Thunderheart' the first dog puppy.

Quindobe Dobermanns, Victoria, Australia

I have done quite a lot of reading on the subject, but it makes a great difference actually seeing the puppies being whelped. I had no idea they were so small and slippery, for instance, or that they needed so many towels to be dried in! The details on the colour of the discharge will also be of great help. I feel much better prepared for my role as a midwife. Thank you!

Collette Stevanovitch, Charmes, France

No effort has been spared to provide the novice breeder with what could be termed an encyclopedia of puppy rearing

Mrs G Carlos all-breeds judge, Vermont South, Victoria, Australia

The content is top class. As a long time breeder myself I thoroughly recommend it to all breeders.

Frances Sefton, former Editor "National Dog", Sydney, NSW, Australia

I thank you so much for your very informative DVD and I'm glad that I'll have it forever.

Charles Stebbings, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Well done! an informative and clear exposition, of particular value to inexperienced breeders, of the many procedures that can be appropriate to the successful raising of a litter of puppies.

Dr Patrick Wright BVSc, MVSc, PhD Senior Lecturer, Animal Reproduction, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia