Rangeaire Vision is a specialist producer of educational books and DVDs on dogs.

Rangeaire Vision DVDs have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of dog enthusiasts across 83 countries. All the DVDs were digitally filmed and edited by us. For our video production work, Jane and Bob earned corporate Accreditation from the former Australian Video Producers Association Inc. These DVDs can now be viewed on You Tube by clicking on this link:https://www.youtube.com/c/JaneDogs1

Rangeaire Vision books have recently been added. The first in the series is Gundogs Unveiled. The second book was on Terriers, Jane's lifetime passion. Terriers Unveiled has been very popular. Our latest book Australian Dogs Unveiled can be ordered now.

With a lifetime experience in dogs and authoritative knowledge has made her books and DVDs are a well sought after reference. Jane is also the author of our famous sister website janedogs.com.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Dog Books - For Sale


Australian Dogs Unveiled

'Australian Dogs Unveiled' offers a unique perspective of our Australian dogs from their earliest beginnings to their role in modern society. It also contains narratives featuring iconic Australian dogs that played central roles in founding Australia's wool and cattle industries. »» Read more...

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Gundogs Unveiled

Gundogs Unveiled is a unique book covering a wide range of topics about gundogs, from their historical beginnings to their role in modern society. Thirty recognized Gundog breeds are described and illustrated with almost 300 carefully selected photographs and illustrations. »» Read more...

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Terriers Unveiled

'Terriers Unveiled' takes a unique look at Terriers from their historical beginnings to their role in modern society. 35 modern and seven extinct Terrier breeds are described and illustrated with over 400 carefully selected photographs, appealing to anyone interested in Terriers. »» Read more...

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Terriers Then & Now

An entertaining, informative and visually rich DVD that traces the history and development of all 40 Terrier breeds through two centuries using hundreds of historical stills and video clips. »» Read more...


How to Groom an Airedale

Using Airedales as examples, this DVD shows marvellous close-up hands-on footage of grooming breeds trimmed to a Terrier outline. It has been praised by some of the world's most respected terrier experts. »» Read more...


How to Raise a Litter of Puppies

Praised by the veterinary profession, this DVD commences three days before the bitch is due, and follows the whelping of a litter of ten puppies and their consequent rearing until point of sale. »» Read more...


How to Make a Showdog

To illustrate the principles behind breeding and selecting showdogs, this unique DVD uses close-up footage to graphically demonstrate the bitches breeding cycle, the dogs peculiar anatomy and the way dogs mate. »» Read more...


How to Handle at a Dog Show

Demonstrating both theory and practice, this DVD explains how to train a dog to stand and move correctly in the show ring as well as show etiquette and procedure. »» Read more...


The History of Spaniels

The History of Spaniels traces the history and development of 13 Sporting and Toy Spaniels and their divergence into separate breeds. »» Read more...