How to Make a Showdog

Tie matingTie mating


Selecting puppySelecting puppy

Early lead trainingEarly lead training

Animated Computer GraphicsAnimated Computer Graphics

Examining headExamining head

Male dog's anatomyMale dog's anatomy


Checking mouthChecking mouth

Bitch in seasonBitch in season

To illustrate the principles behind breeding and selecting showdogs, this unique DVD uses close-up footage to graphically demonstrate the bitches breeding cycle, the dogs peculiar anatomy and the way dogs mate.


How to Make a Showdog explains the theory behind 'making' show dogs including some theory of genetics and pedigrees, the process of the matings and the choosing of a puppy and early training.

In particular this DVD covers:

  • Basic genetics illustrated with computer graphics
  • Understanding pedigrees and the theory of pedigree breeding
  • The cycle of the bitch in season
  • The male dog's peculiar reproductive anatomy
  • How to effect the actual mating (both for large dogs and small dogs on a table)
  • Selection, education and socialisation of the young show dog puppy.

Designed to instruct newcomers how to breed pure-bred dogs, this video clearly explains all essentials and points out how to avoid some of the pitfalls.

All pictures on this page appear in the actual footage of 'How to Make a Showdog'.

Running time: 59 minutes


The contents of the DVD and video are identical and cover the following topics:


Understanding Dog Breeding

  • Simple Genetics
  • The pedigree and breeding definitions explained

Practical Dog Breeding

  • The bitch's season
  • The dog's reproductive anatomy
  • The actual mating
  • A second actual mating showing the mating of small dogs being affected on a table

The Young Showdog

  • Selection of the puppy from the litter
  • Education of the very young puppy

Customer Comments

I think that a person, who begins to breed gets a lot of thinking. The most interesting part for me was how to pick a showdog.

Anneli Siekkinen, Nummela, Finland

Just a short note to congratulate you and your family on the excellent video I found it most informative and will recommend it.

Pat Wilson, Cobden, Victoria

I have only recently become serious about breeding show dogs and your videos are invaluable to the beginner

Ken Johnson, Heathcote, NSW, Australia

Your video gave an insight into mating... that a novice such as myself would not normally get an opportunity to see.

Ann McPhee, Epping, NSW, Australia

Thankyou again for your very prompt service, and for your obvious care and love of dogs and those involved in our sport.

Meryl Davison, Karana Downs, Qld, Australia

I have been involved with dogs for many years and found your video most informative. The description of simple genetics was terrific.

Deirdre Murray, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia

At 52 minutes length it is an excellent dog club item... Her thoughtful and natural methods should be easy for anyone to follow, and not onerous for the owner... in fact she makes them fun

Frances Sefton, Editor National Dog, Australia

An excellent guide to the essential ingredients which go towards breeding quality stock

Mrs G Carlos, 'Weekly Times' Melbourne, Australia

A well thought out and absorbing video production

Yo Batchelor, Former Vice President South Australian Canine Council, Adelaide, South Australia

An actual mating is covered as well as basic genetics, theory of breeding and selection and preliminary education of the showdog pup.

Editorial NSW Canine Journal, Sydney, Australia

Thank you for the DVDs and videos. I have never had anyone explain the fundamentals so clearly, I think your work and teachings are great.... Keep up the great work and God bless!!!

Melvin Riley, Flint Michigan, USA

A great deal of painstaking forethought, effort, time and love for dogs has resulted in a truly worthwhile addition to the modern doggy library.

Lyn Shelling-Watson, Bolinda, Victoria, Australia