Educational Dog DVDs

Educational DVDsEducational DVDs

Rangeaire Vision produces a set of educational dog DVDs/videos for all dog enthusiasts. This includes:

  • Those who are just beginning pure breed dog activity.
  • More experienced dog owners and judges.
  • General dog lovers

The famous titles listed below are now available free of charge on You Tube:

Customer Comments

Your presentation was friendly and your instructions very clear and informative' I really appreciated it when you said 'I'll just show you that again. I wish I had been lucky enough to see your videos when I first had my Cavaliers Mrs Elaine Dykes Buckland Nr Alyesbury Bucks England

I enjoyed (and still do) your videos very much and they were a great help for me Elizabeth Von Buchwaldt Hamburg Germany

Love your tapes; am so glad I took them all. What convinced me more than anything else was the LOVE you showed for your dogs. Klaasje Botellio, Singapore

Thank you for your efforts as I have thoroughly enjoyed them and am learning a lot from them. Michelle Day-Williams Tauranga New Zealand

We all found them very interesting and helpful... it is a great help in developing our Club and bringing it together. E Shrimpton Ararat Canine & Obedience Club, Ararat Victoria

Thankyou for producing such informative videos Maria Nethercott McCrae Victoria

It is so hard when you are so far away.. but I know your tapes are my answer. J Bushby Queenstown Tasmania Australia

Thank you for assisting me in my entrance to the dog world of showing and breeding. C L Elvin Berwick Victoria

Having recently ventured into a group two breed, we found your videos invaluable and extremely important... the experience was a pleasure instead of a trauma. L Watt Melton Victoria

I brought your video set. Have watched them many times and learn something new each time. Margaret Doyle, Palmerston Northern Territory Australia

Over the years I have found the 'Tyranny of distance' not to be conducive for the sharing of knowledge'. I was therefore delighted.. they were excellent, very informative. Wendy Kerin Darwin Northern Territory Australia


Terriers Then & Now

An entertaining, informative and visually rich DVD that traces the history and development of all 40 Terrier breeds through two centuries using hundreds of historical stills and video clips. »» Read more...


How to Groom an Airedale

Using Airedales as examples, this DVD shows marvellous close-up hands-on footage of grooming breeds trimmed to a Terrier outline. It has been praised by some of the world's most respected terrier experts. »» Read more...


How to Raise a Litter of Puppies

Praised by the veterinary profession, this DVD commences three days before the bitch is due, and follows the whelping of a litter of ten puppies and their consequent rearing until point of sale. »» Read more...


How to Make a Showdog

To illustrate the principles behind breeding and selecting showdogs, this unique DVD uses close-up footage to graphically demonstrate the bitches breeding cycle, the dogs peculiar anatomy and the way dogs mate. »» Read more...


How to Handle at a Dog Show

Demonstrating both theory and practice, this DVD explains how to train a dog to stand and move correctly in the show ring as well as show etiquette and procedure. »» Read more...


The History of Spaniels

The History of Spaniels traces the history and development of 13 Sporting and Toy Spaniels and their divergence into separate breeds. »» Read more...