How to Handle at a Dog Show

Moving in a triangleMoving in a triangle


Setting up on a tableSetting up on a table



Moving at a trotMoving at a trot


Stacking correctlyStacking correctly

Training in front of shop windowTraining in front of shop window


What you will need at a dog showWhat you will need at a dog show



Demonstrating both theory and practice, this DVD explains how to train a dog to stand and move correctly in the show ring as well as show etiquette and procedure.


How to Handle at a Dog Show explains basic training and the theory of showing such as the correct way to setup and move your dog in the show ring and the procedures to compete in a modern dog show.

In particular, this DVD shows:

  • how to train your potential show dog
  • how to set it up or stack it correctly
  • training your dog to move at a trot in different gaiting patterns
  • what you and your dog will need on the day of the show
  • the etiquette and procedure of dog shows.

Illustrated with innovative moving computer graphics and slow motion footage, this DVD/video is designed to teach beginners the fundamental skills of handling dogs in the conformation show ring. It should also benefit those with some experience, and be an invaluable aid for competitors in Junior Handling events.

All pictures on this page appear in the actual footage of 'How to Handle at a Dog Show'.

Running time: 1hour 27 minutes


The DVD covers the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Setting Up
  • Gaiting
  • Showing

Customer Comments

It's a great tool for the beginner and a fabulous refresher for those who think they know it all!

Melinda Fletcher and Glenn Auld, Ashby WA

I just wish, when I started 25 years ago, there was something like this. An ideal present for anyone but particularly the person just starting out.

Mary Scanlon, Pascoe Vale South, Victoria

It's very good and helpful and I must also congratulate you for its overall content. You definitely haven't missed out anything even to the very detail for what to take with you to the dog show.

Joe Avellino, Siggiewi, Malta

This Australian video is really a must for someone who has not yet entered the ring or someone who is still a little nervous about their approach to showing a dog.

Danya and Tanya Scales, Padstow, NSW

Even though the video may be aimed at the beginner in the show world, it is also useful to anyone who wants to upgrade their skills or who may be having problems with their current dog or dogs.

Adrian Jones, Lindisfarne, Tasmania

A very comprehensive training video.

Editorial North Australian Canine Association, Darwin, Australia

Good attention to detail without swamping the viewer with information and sufficiently repetitive to get the point across with re-inforcement.. a well planned and professionally produced video

Lionel Bleakley, Sunbury, Victoria

The way you explain everything is very thorough... it has helped me quite a lot.

J Maun, Mount Morgan, Queensland

Knowing how difficult it is to produce the finished product, I can only wonder at the countless hours that have gone into this production. New 'chums' wanting to learn the basics in the privacy of their own home could well benefit from this production.

Peter Luyten, Ringwood East, Victoria

All in all a job very well done, something I could recommend highly for first time exhibitors.

Herbert Field, Algester, Queensland

It is a fantastic video.

J Fenton, Willaura, Victoria

We wish we had had the Show videos before we had gone to our first would have saved around 6 months of embarrassment and learning "the hard way".

Amy McIver, Lindfield NSW

I am very impressed with the video I ordered on Showing dogs. I learned alot with my first viewing and plan to view again section by section. Thank you for an informative video.

Nancy Dube, Thonotosassa, Florida, USA

I really like it...very informative.

Franci Pruitt, St Bremen, GA, USA

I thought it was great and we have been practicing since we got it. I have found that no one really shows you everything like the DVD did. Everyone just gives you bits of information.

Brenda Stone, Forest Lake, Queensland, Australia

Congratulations on a very professional production, with excellent clarity both in the visual and audio department. Colour is even and crisp, and Jane speaks slowly and concisely. I found the video fascinating and informative, and one which would be a must for new dog owners, and indeed an asset to the library of the more experienced breeder.. the video is good value.

Gary Jameson, editor 'Dog Showbiz', Romsey, Victoria

This video takes the viewer through every facet of handling at a dog show in great detail. Everything from how to train your dog to stand and move, to how to dress and what to take. It is aimed at the novice who wishes to take up the hobby of dog showing, and provides a valuable insight into just what is involved in handling a dog at a show.

Editorial, WA Canine News, Gosnells Perth, Western Australia