Breed Specialty Shows

Poodle (Standard) Poodle (Standard)

We have DVD's of the following Shows for sale which we are now offering for sale. Originally single were prices at $50 each. But we will now consider any reasonable offer. Please contact us for prices on multiples.

Royal Melbourne Shows

General Specials and the Best Exhibit in Show judging with the atmosphere created by the natural sound and commentary on the day of the years:
1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. Purchase the whole set at a special price or individual years separately.

World Dog Shows

World Dog Show Brussels (1995) and Budapest (1996) Helsinki 1998, Milan 2000 and Portugal 2001 + World Dog Show Agility Competitions Brussels (1995)

Breed Specialty Shows

Our range of Breed Specialty Shows still available on DVD were filmed using a 2-camera set up. One camera situated beside the judge, there are amazing head shots of each exhibit, complete with the fore and aft movement 'as the judge sees it'. The second camera captures the 'long shots, breed lineups etc. The post editing includes adding the name of each exhibit, together with its owner, sire and dam. We commenced recording Shows in 1991 and still have a few left on video.

Group One

Chihuahua Club of Victoria National 30th Anniversary Show 2006 (4 discs)
Cavalier Club of Victoria 2004
Griffon Club of Victoria 2011 (3 discs) including a small Breed Seminar on short faced breeds
Tibetan Spaniel Club of Victoria Show 2005 DVD (2 discs)

Group Two

Staffordshire Club of Victoria 2005 (2 discs)
Fox Terrier Club of Vic (1998)
Smooth Fox Terrier Club of Victoria 1991
Tenterfield Terrier 1st National Show 2009
Tenterfield Terrier Club of Victoria Fun Day 1999

Group Three

Golden Retriever Club of Victoria 1996 (2 discs)
3rd Weimaraner National on DVD 2005 (4 discs)

Group Four

Dachshund Club of Victoria National 1996 (2 discs)
Borzoi 25th Anniversary Show 1993 (2 Discs)
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Victoria 2004 (2 Discs)
Whippet Club of Victoria Shows from 1991 - 2004 on video. On DVD we have 2004 (National + World Congress 3 Discs), 2005 (2 Discs) and 2006 (2 Discs)

Group 5

Bearded Collie 1994
Border Collie 2005 (2 discs)
Welsh Corgi Club of Victoria 1996 (5 discs)

Group 6

Mastiff Club of Victoria 2001
Samoyed Club of Victoria 5th National Show 2001
Samoyed Club of Victoria 60th Anniversary Show 2005 (Discs 1 and 2)
All Mastiff Club of Victoria 2006 (2 discs)

Group 7

Shih Tzu Club of Victoria 1994
Shih Tzu Club of Victoria Open and Championship Shows 2002

Poodle Club of NSW National 2011 (Standards) only separately
Poodle Club of NSW National 2011 (Minis) only separately
Poodle Club of Vic 2009 (2 discs)
Toy Poodle Club of Vic 2009
Poodle club of Vic Ch Show 2008
Poodle Club of Vic 2007 (2 discs)
Poodle Club of Qld National 2007 Days 1 & 2 (Total 4 Discs)
Poodle Club of Vic 2006 (2 Discs)

Price: Originally single discs sold for $50 each. But for multiples we will consider any offer. Please contact us for prices on multiples