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How to Groom an Airedale

Running time: 3 hours

Demonstrating technique

Taking off more hair

Trimming the feet

Removing body coat

Smoothing the outline


About this DVD / Video

How to Groom an Airedale demonstrates step by step the techniques of stripping, clipping, trimming and shaping a broken coated Terrier.  This DVD/video has been praised by some of the world's most respected terrier experts.

In particular, this DVD illustrates the Airedale's coat being groomed by stripping, a technique which uses a small serrated edged knife to pull out loose hair.

Although the Airedale has been used as a model, the grooming techniques demonstrated can be successfully applied to other trimmed terrier breeds as well as those trimmed to a terrier outline. This video is invaluable to all groomers, from pet owners to professionals and fastidious show dog owners.


The contents of the DVD cover the following topics:

  • Tools
  • Black stage - 1
  • Black stage - 2
  • Tan stage - 1
  • Tan stage - 2
Fine Grooming
  • Feet
  • Hindquarters
  • Underline
  • Front
  • Head
Coat Maintenance

All pictures on this page appear in the actual footage of 'How to Groom an Airedale'.

Customer Comments

  • Having been through the painful process of learning to groom an Airedale with a book in one hand and a knife in the other, I can recommend this tape wholeheartedly.
    Elizabeth Ivory, former President New Zealand Airedale Club, Auckland New Zealand
  • Absolutely Brilliant..!!! Everything. What I like most is the concept of real time. The closest thing to a real 8 week seminar. The DVD, being there for you is one thing, The real time, concept is another. And finally we have something that is the closest it. Thank-you, so much.
    Suzanne Snyder, Auburn, Georgia, USA
  • With painstaking effort she gives precise detail, and this method could be exercised with several of the double coated dogs in the Terrier group - an excellent tape.
    Cam E Milward, All-breeds Judge and Fox Terrier breeder, Pakenham, Vic Australia
  • Thank you very much for making this wonderful instruction tool.
    Wendy Rodriguez, TLC Grooming and Supply, Watsonville, CA, USA
  • I absolutely admire the work you put into this. It's wonderful! Very detailed, good explanations, clear images and sound, well paced, and off course beautiful dogs.
    Meeuwes Mollinger, Stadskanaal, The Netherlands
  • I think it is the very best instructions you can ever have.
    Ulla Larsson Sodra Standby, Sweden
  • It is very clear, precise and thorough in the presentation, very suitable for beginners like me. I am totally new to hand stripping and seeing the DVD gives me very good instruction on how to begin.
    Sheila Tay, Issaquah, WA, USA
  • Great tool to assist with strip grooming!
    Alexis Davidson, Langley BC, Canada
  • There is sure a wealth of information in it for most double coated terrier enthusiasts.
    Jill MacDonald, Judge and Scottish Terrier breeder, Ballarat Vic Australia
  • WOW, if anyone doesn’t know how to groom an Airedale after watching it (this DVD) they must have a cat.
    Mary Livingstone, Woodstock MD, USA
  • This (video) will be of great assistance to all those aspiring to present their Airedale in the correct manner.
    Martin Kealy, Secretary Airedale Terrier Club of Ireland, Dublin Ireland
  • You really have done a wonderful, detailed job with this film. Such a trove of information and demonstration. I am not surprised that it is so popular.
    Rebecca Johnson, Charlottesville, Virginia USA
  • Mrs Harvey has done a superb job and I recommend the video warmly to everybody concerned with trimming of Terriers.
    Susanna Soderholm, Germany
  • Your video was excellent and I feel many people in England could benefit by it.
    Judy Averis, Judge and breeder of 'Saredon' Terriers, UK
  • I have been involved with Airedales for about 11 years and have both stripped and clipped them. How I wish I had had your tape 10 years ago!
    Ethel Finlay, Baulkham Hills, NSW Australia
  • I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this video on Airedale Grooming. I purchased the VCR version about 7 years ago (and still have it) when I acquired my Airedale. I highly recommend it to every Airedale owner I encounter who wants to learn to strip. You've done a great service to the Airedale by creating this video!
    Nancy Flowers, Baltimore, MD USA
  • . . . amazing, clear, useful. I'll watch it again and then start grooming following your technique.
    Anna Giovannani, Carpi (Modena) Italy
  • I knew how to groom a Lakeland, but it is still different to groom a Airedale. But now I know how to groom the Airedale also.
    Henna Kiukkonen, Helsinki Finland
  • Wonderful and detailed video on grooming, the best I have seen.
    Ivan Delgado (MD), Atlantic, Iowa, USA
  • I will thank you, in my mind, every time I take the stripping knife in my hand.
    Iuliana Voroneau, Bucharest, Romania
  • We have found the format (DVD) and content excellent. It will be hard to go wrong, especially when you provide such careful detail in those areas where mistakes by the novice (and I suppose some professional groomers as well) are likely.
    Judith Cole, Toronto, Canada
  • It's really essential for any newcomer attempting this complex, delicate undertaking.
    Nadia Margolis Leverett, Massachusetts, USA
  • Thanks so much for taking the time to help people to learn, you are one in a million.
    Greta Willenberg, Moe, Victoria
  • This video would be a life-saver to the isolated would-be groomer and of considerable use and interest to others.
    Lou Endean, President Airedale Social Club of Queensland, Australia
  • We are very grateful for the fantastic videotape.
    Wilma Zonnenburg, Velp Netherlands
  • Thanks again for sharing your skills to every Airedale lovers. My dale, Eddie said thank you also. We like your simple and basic tool selection too!
    Junko Fujiwara Sacramento, California USA
  • You truly are a master and your ability to come straight to the point with clear instructions is a gift not many people have. I thank you for making it available to us all.
    Michael & Rhonda Soeder, Lakeland, Florida USA
Blending front legs

Trimming underline

Shaping eyebrows

Adjusting beard

Jane with her dogs



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