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Pyrenean Mastiff

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Utility Specialty Shows

Below is a list of specialist Utility Dog Breed Club DVDs.  Every dog is named with owner, sire and dam.  These videos are of great interest to breed enthusiasts and those with a general interest in Utility Dog breeds.  There is a close-up of every head often showing the teeth and you view the movement as the judge sees it.

  • Association of all Mastiff Breeds 2006
  • Alaskan Malamute 2000
  • Boxer 1993
  • Bullmastiff 2004
  • Bullmastiff 2001
  • Bullmastiff 1999 National
  • Bullmastiff 1998
  • Bullmastiff 1994
  • Mastiff - 2001
  • Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Championship Show 2000
  • Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club World Congress 2000 part 1
  • Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club World Congress 2000 part 2
  • Rottweiler 1996 National part 1
  • Rottweiler 1996 National part 2
  • Rottweiler 1994 part 1
  • Rottweiler 1994 part 2
  • Samoyed 2005
  • Samoyed 2001 National
  • Samoyed 1994
  • Samoyed 1992
  • Schnauzer 2002
  • Schnauzer 2001
  • Schnauzer 1995

All pictures on this page appear in the actual footage of one of the shows listed above.

Customer Comments

  • Thank you for such a quality DVD to provide to the exhibitors (Association of all Mastiff Breeds 2006 DVD)
    Anne Briglia, Cranbourne South, Victoria
  • I bought a DVD of the Champ Show & am very happy with it. This is the first show I have seen on DVD & I like the convenience of being able to access the menu to classes etc. . . . . the quality of picture is certainly superior to tape. (Samoyed 2005 DVD)
    Glenda Hustwaite, Ballarat, Victoria
  • ... just started watching the DVD of the 60th champ show and I am very happy with what I have have seen so far.  Thanks for sending them off so quickly and congrats on a job well done. (Samoyed 2005)
    Rebecca Hamilton, Westmeadows, Victoria
  • ... the quality is really good, can't thank you enough (Samoyed 2001 National)
    Jackie Pritchard, Coaltown of Wemyess by Kirkcaldy, Fife Scotland
  • We had a wonderful time looking at the videos... The production was most professional. I must congratulate you both on the photography and production. It could not have been better and made the viewing all the more enjoyable. Congratulations. (Rottweiler 1996 National)
    Jim Petengall, Foundation President Rottweiler Club of Victoria, Mt Macedon Vic Australia


  • DVD - AUD$50 (+ postage & packaging)
  • Bulk discounts - please enquire for price.
  • You can purchase any of the above videos using our secure ordering page.



Tibetan Mastiff


Italian Cane Corso

Bull Mastiff

Dogue de Bordeau



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