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video Rangeaire Vision produces educational DVDs and videos on dogs.
  • More than 250 titles
  • At least 300 dog breeds illustrated on DVD
  • Founded in 1986 and based in Melbourne, Australia
  • Over 20,000 DVDs/videos sold
  • Exports to 61 countries
  jane Jane Harvey conceives and scripts all dog DVD productions. She is renowned as follows:
  • Lifetime experience in dogs
  • Breeder of 80 Champions over 14 generations straight
  • Widely published author
  • Experienced Kennel Club administrator
  • International Judge

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How to Groom an Airedale   How to Handle at a Dog Show   HOw to Raise a Litter of Puppies   How to Make a Show Dog   Terriers Then & Now
How to Groom an Airedale

Using Airedales as examples, this DVD shows marvellous close-up hands-on footage of grooming breeds trimmed to a Terrier outline.

  How to Handle at a Dog Show

Demonstrating both theory and practice, this DVD explains how to train a dog to stand and move correctly in the show ring as well as show etiquette and procedure.

  How to Raise a Litter of Puppies

Praised by the veterinary profession, this DVD commences three days before the bitch is due, and follows the whelping of a litter of ten puppies and their consequent rearing until point of sale.

  How to Make a Show Dog

To illustrate the principles behind breeding and selecting showdogs, this unique DVD uses close-up footage to graphically demonstrate the bitches breeding cycle, the dogs peculiar anatomy and the way dogs mate.

  Terriers Then & Now

An entertaining, informative and visually rich DVD that traces the history and development of all 40 Terrier breeds through two centuries using hundreds of historical stills and video clips.

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  • All DVDs digitally filmed and edited
  • Corporate Accreditation by AVPA
  • Available in both PAL and NTSC
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Customer Comments

  • Mrs Harvey's enthusiasm and knowledge should be an inspiration to all breeders, whatever their level of experience.
    Roberta Vesley, former American Kennel Club Library Director, New York USA
  • A great deal of painstaking forethought, effort, time and love for dogs has resulted in a truly worthwhile addition to the modern doggy library.
    Lyn Shelling-Watson, All-breeds judge, Bolinda Victoria Australia
  • Impressive. Unputdownable. And so inventive. The research and knowledge that have gone into the whole makes it instructive and very interesting.
    Mary Evans of the 'Mary Evans Picture Library', London UK
  • You are a creative genius!!
    Linda Johnson, Cranbourne, Victoria Australia
  • I want to congratulate you both for the excellent work done on the World Dog Show. The video is superb, very professional, complete and full of interest.
    Rui Valante de Araujo, Press Officer Portuguese Kennel Club and Master of Ceremonies World Dog Show 2001, Lisbon Portugal